Fiber Optic Lighting

TapeLite® is dramatic. It’s exciting, and a truly new lighting technology.

TapeLite features a unique, low-profile, flat plastic optical fiber construction that enables new ways to light spaces as never before. Long, flat and wide cable runs can now be safely illuminated with no electro luminescent fading, no bulbs to burn out, and no electricity needed in potentially hazardous areas. Once the cable is installed, it lights up safely and consistently year after year. The flat, side-emitting fiber optic cable is designed to accept all commercial illuminator types including LED, quartz halogen, and metal halide types. RGB LED illuminators are particularly flexible in terms of complete programmability and almost unlimited control of dimming, fading, blinking, and color change.

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Here are just some of the highlights of the TapeLite technology.

The TapeLite advantage.

About Spectra-Strip

Spectra-Strip is a division of worldwide interconnect leader Amphenol Corporation. TapeLite and XpandoLite ribbon fiber optic lighting technology was invented by the forward-thinking people at Spectra Strip.

The company operates ISO 9001 bulk cable manufacturing facilities in Hamden CT, Romsey England, and Changzhou China.

Specta Strip

About Amphenol Corporation

Amphenol Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The company designs, manufactures and markets RF/microwave connectors, flat ribbon cable and interconnect systems, CATV cable and connectors, electronic connectors, and fiber-optic connectors. The primary end markets for Amphenol products are communications and information processing, cable television, cellular telephone, data communications, aerospace and military electronics, automotive, rail and other transportation, and industrial applications.